Places: Fowey, Cornwall

Today Chicago, my home sweet home, faces the coldest temperatures in the time I’ve lived here. While I do love taking photos of our lovely city with every bare branch and fence limned in snow, today is not going to be one of those days. Instead I’ll stay inside and remember that warmer climes exist.

Fowey is a seaside town in Cornwall on the southern coast of the UK,  seen as a sunny vacation area for the British like Florida is for many in the US.  Actually, the friends I was with that day in Fowey live in Florida now. Smart people. I’ll call them M and S.

We were there for S’s birthday in 2009. M received a promotion that day and we went along for the ceremony, where he was unexpectedly given the rest of the day off. If wishes were fishes, I’d be able to head out on a short road trip to a beautiful seaside town whenever I’m unexpectedly given a day off work. Also, I’d spend a lot more time with these lovely people!

The narrow streets meander down from the parking lot at the top of the town down towards the harbor at the mouth of the river, tempting us to stop to look at fudge or toys, jewelry or books. The bookshops were full of titles written by Daphne du Maurier, who lived most of her life there.

I’m sure there are plenty of other things to do in Fowey, but we took the easy route, wandering lazily through the shops before heading to the harbor walk to enjoy the view of houses perched on the other side of the river, beyond the crowded collection of boats milling about in the water below.

One red sailboat kept pace with us as we walked, posing prettily for my camera against every new perspective as we walked from the shops out towards the coastline.


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