Villainous Puppetry, Part 2: Loki, Prince of Asgard

This one began with a link (/broad hint) for this felt plushie but I figured for the future King of Midgard I could do more. Also, Kim’s Pintrest made researching the costume details quite delightful: All that Hiddles is Gold.

Unlike Snape and Voldie, Puppet Loki did not have a pre-existing set of adventures on YouTube. But now that he exists in the world, you can follow his continuing adventures online. Here are his public channels:

Note: Standard fanart disclaimers apply. I made no profit. All copyright belongs to the original creators and the Norse Gods and Stan Lee? Not trying to violate anyone’s rights. Just make some fun gifts. 


Loki doesn’t do felt. He’s a freaking Prince of Asgard. Also I didn’t have time to go to a fabric store, and luckily I never get rid of anything so I could dig all of this out of my scrap pile:

  • kelly green satin polyester “smoking jacket”
  • gold brocade blouse
  • metallic gold mini skirt
  • scraps of black satin
  • scraps of black velvet
  • scraps of black self-stick felt
  • off-white muslin left over from Snape
  • 2 liter pop bottle
  • stuffing
  • thread
  • modge-podge
  • fabric glue

Luxurious Loki

Step 1: find pictures of Snape & Voldie process. Recreate basic arms/body stuff:

Step 2: Spend more time reviewing photos of Tom Hiddleston as Loki and figuring out how complicated that costume is. Decide that layered stuff in the front is the best bet and quilt it in one piece:

Step 3: Realize that recreating this hair is going to be like creating a velvet octopus. Catch up on Sleep Hollow Season 1 while figuring it out and sewing it by hand. Tack it onto the finished puppet.

Step 4: Helmet time! This involves plastic and fabric in 3 dimensions. Glue and a lot of hand stitching are involved. As is a lot more Sleepy Hollow:

Helmet Troubleshooting

Step 5: Give up on any idea of a full length coat or removable robe. Make a fancy cape instead. He twirls better than Snape & Voldie too:

Kneel before my glory

Step 6: Put puppet into gift bag. Look around at apartment. Realize you’ve been Loki’d:


Step 7:  Deliver Puppet Loki to the birthday girl after watching Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus. Naturally Puppet Loki will already have matching cards and clothing on hand to greet his arrival:

Loki Birthday

Step 8: Take paparazzi shots of PuppetLoki at every Marvel movie ever after (and at work and parties and anywhere else he appears)

When crowds appear he demands completely random offerings:


And, of course, that everyone KNEEL:


In Villainous Puppetry Part 3: another fabulous horned anti-hero!


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