Villainous Puppetry, Part 1: Mustache Buddies

The Greeks and Romans ascribed great powers to the muses but somehow never got around to naming a muse of puppetry and internet fanart. So I’ll just nominate my friend Kimberly K.

This system is working for me, anyway. It doesn’t hurt that we normally spend at least 40 hours a week together and watch/talk about all the same geeky stuff. And she drops some pretty broad hints, like “I would love it if someone made me those Snape and Voldemort puppets from Potter Puppet Pals.”

It also helps that her birthday is in the winter, giving me not much else to do with my free time than dig through piles of textiles laying around my house or local thrift stores to see what I can come up with  this time.

Note: Standard fanart disclaimers apply. I made no profit. All copyright belongs to the original creators who were kind of basing their stuff on other people’s creations anyway? But yeah, not trying to violate anyone’s rights. Just make some fun gifts. 

2012: Mustache Buddies

It all started here:


I also have a food blog. I write more helpful instructions there. I kind of figure this kind of thing out as I go and don’t always take photos or make patterns, so this is not exactly a real how-to. But I’ve been saying I’d blog the process for long enough, so here goes!

  • Muslin: Snape is off-white, Voldie is pure white.
  • Felt: hair & robes
  • Self-stick felt: eyes & mouths
  • Stuffing
  • Thread
  • Glue
  • Paint (white)

Step 1: Pause video frequently until you find a nice straightforward shot of Voldie. Use Ctrl+ to zoom in. Lay sheet of paper over the screen and trace the face with pencil. Don’t damage your monitor.

Step 2: Do the same for Snape. Wish they’d hold him facing more directly. Rewatch all of Potter Puppet Pals to figure out exactly what Snape’s hair is doing in the back. Also because it’s always worth it.

Step 3: Start drafting patterns. These guys are pretty 2 dimensional, except for Snape’s hair and nose.  Voldemort has a round head, Snape is pretty much rectangular. Seam allowances must be included & space for stuffing.

Step 4: Sew the pieces together.  I made the bodies one folded over piece so the bottom wouldn’t require any hemming or risk seam allowances showing or something. I think I did some zig-zag stitching over the side seams, but I could be remembering wrong.

Adding the heads to the bodies is the hardest part to machine-sew, esp. since I add the arms into that seam too so it’s kind of like shoulders? Plus an oval piece to the bottom of the heads so I can stuff them. That part isn’t pictured above. Also I added a piece of elastic across it for grabbing, since the heads are heavier than the fabric of the bodies.

Also not photographed: figuring out Snape’s hair & nose. Features added with felt and glue and paint.  Snape’s nose is like a carrot?

Step 5: Figure out robes. Since I didn’t sew the arms onto the bodies with the robes, they aren’t as floppy as in the video above. Felt means never having to say you’re sorry you can cut extra fabric and trim it to make it flat. Yay to no hemming!

Step 6: Go all out. Get self-stick felt and find poster of mustache designs and start tracing. Create stick-on mustaches for all types. Also yarn vomit, just because it shows up in that video above. Attach to a sheet of wax paper for re-usability.

Forgot to get a picture of this on its own. Yarn vomit not included here.
Forgot to get a picture of this on its own. Yarn vomit not included here.

Step 7: (This is the not-so-secret sauce that’s been bubbling the whole time) Giggle like a crazy person  while steepling your fingers like Mr. Burns. Finish sewing buttons on robes and tie puppets together with  a silky scarf printed with skulls. Giggle more. Enjoy funny looks from other people on the bus.

Also maybe don’t forget to give your sister some credit since she sort of helped with this a lot?

Step 8: Present gift. Enjoy expressions of delight and general silliness with like-minded muses/friends. Take group photo with mustaches. Everyone’s a mustache buddy!!

Mustache Models


Villainous Puppetry Part 2: Loki of Asgard. Future King of Midgard. Soon to be ruler of all the Nine Realms!


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