Villainous Puppetry Part 3: Maleficent

After Snape & Voldie and Loki, it seemed time to introduce a few feminine wiles to the motely crew that hangs out on Kim’s couch. Another fabulous horned anti-hero seemed appropriate. The only question was whether to seek inspiration in Angelina Jolie or the original animated version. My sister was designated Chief Pinner and found many relevant Maleficent References. I ended up combining the Jolie horns with the animated profile. Collecting resources involved googling words I never thought I’d need, like “plushie breast pattern” and “plushie horn pattern”- Safe Filter ON! Note: Standard fanart disclaimers apply. I made no profit. All copyright belongs to Disney for their designs and Angelina Jolie for her swagger.  Not trying to violate anyone’s rights. Just make some fun gifts.  Sketches based on the aforementioned Pintrest boards lead me to consider alternative color schemes – a trip to the thrift store on a half-off night lead to all the necessary items: Magnifcent Maleficent-1


  • strapless black velvet gown
  • extra large pale purple short-sleeved blouse
  • pale mint green pillowcase
  • fake snakeskin purse
  • random throw pillows (for stuffing)
  • thread
  • scraps of felt (for horn shapes)
  • fake eyelashes
  • red paint
  • paper scraps for making patterns on the fly

Step 1: Study pictures of Maleficent’s profile and YouTube videos of 3-d doll head modeling. Draw face looking forward. Trace lines across to create an outline of the same face in profile that is proportional to previous puppets. Figure out jaw shape too. Transfer designs to green fabric. Magnifcent Maleficent-2 Step 2: Sew face together from chin to scalp Sew chin onto face and stuff head, using a chopstick to fill in the nose and chin firmly. Not quite what one was envisioning, but more to come? “Watch” How to Train Your Dragon 2

Step 3:  Boobies! Arms! Assembly! (only the boobies part is new, the rest is like the previous 3 villains) “Watch” Adventureland Magnifcent Maleficent-6 Step 4: Take the purse apart painstakingly thread by thread to get as much material out of it as possible.  Use vinyl lining from purse to Create collar proportional to head. (see above) “Watch” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Step 5: Cut velvet gown to use the front portion with the boning intact to make second collar too. Drama! Helpful structure! “Watch”  Beautiful Creatures

Step 6:  Figure out lining and wider skirt for body of puppet gown. Use zipper from the back of the original gown for front of the puppet one. Less sewing! More strategic scissors! “Watch” 21 Jump Street Step 7: Figure out shape for horns and cut out of felt, sew, then stuff carefully. Slowly cover with hand-sewn strips of snakey stuff from purse.  Attach to head. Realize it is too heavy to stay upright and ram the metal chopstick up through the neck and head and sew inside. “Watch” Maleficent, of course.

Step 8: Cut out tentacle-ish pattern for sleeves and lining after inspecting Pinterest references some more. Cut out fabric and try to sew together on machine. Get frustrated at slipperyness and tear out stitches, pinning and repinning to get the layers matched up. Go to bed.

Step 9: Take sleeves to church. Sew during Sunday school and sermon, double stitching and trimming so they can be turned. Step 10: Sew gown together, figuring out how to have lined sleeves attach to a lined bodice. This involves several retries. Finish it and realize it is too heavy and will slide off the puppet’s weak shoulders. Find pin and attach to the puppet’s neck. So there. “Watch” The Princess and the Frog

Step 11: Give up on watching movies while sorting out facial features. Paint? Quilting? Glue? Felt? Gah! End with quilted eyelid/eyeshadow under glued on eyebrows and sewed on eyelashes with thread-sculpted nose and painted lips and eyes with glued-on pupils. Good enough, though wish the eyelashes didn’t “clump” now.

Step 12: Tuck assembled puppet into box and rub hands together maniacally.

Step 13: Survey messy apartment and start cleaning for party on the morrow. Gingerbread time!


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