A place for me to post longish things that don’t belong on social media and/or are not solely recipes or photography.

Intended audience:

People who know me? Not sure anyone else would be interested. Also, people who know me already know that I like to keep a million projects going at once and will not be likely to do this on a very regular schedule.


As mentioned above, I like to vary my interests a lot. I like making stuff. I don’t really have a place to put some of these things (at least the virtual/descriptive representations of these things) and have enjoyed what other friends are doing with blogs, so I figured this might make sense.

I may veer  into nerdy things few people care about. These could possibly include sensitive topics like politics or religion at times (also likely to be from a nerdy lens). I’m happy to hear other people’s views and have no intention to dismiss anyone’s perspectives, even if we may disagree about touchy things. That applies to fandoms too.


If I make this public and people start commenting in a way I find unhelpful or disrespectful, I might start using comment moderation. Cause it’s my site and I don’t think it’s necessary to contribute to the general unpleasantness that can crop up across the interwebs.


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