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ART: The (mostly) Affable Ladies of the Boston MFA

Good portraits are ineffable – they capture not just a likeness, but an expression, a gesture, some small glimpse of personality. In the faces below I see boldness, thoughtfulness, crotchety sarcasm and flirtatious friendliness. Some seem amused, others sad – a few merely private, content to keep their own counsel.

These ladies drew my attention in my recent visit to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, made me wish I could gather them together in one room (or hallway, à la Hogwarts?) where they could converse together while I eavesdrop  to see how well they match up to my perceptions.

Most seem like they would enjoy each other’s company, or at least be quite capable of making some incisive observations on the parade of visitors that come before them each day.

What would you have them thinking or saying? Continue reading ART: The (mostly) Affable Ladies of the Boston MFA


Places: Food Tourism & Street Markets

Obviously I like food. My other blog is titled “the kitchen tourist” so it’s not at all surprising that food factors into my travel plans pretty importantly too. Give me a huge variety of food in one place, full of colorful things  to look at and sample and photograph, and I’ll happily wander around for hours. Continue reading Places: Food Tourism & Street Markets

Places: Fowey, Cornwall

Today Chicago, my home sweet home, faces the coldest temperatures in the time I’ve lived here. While I do love taking photos of our lovely city with every bare branch and fence limned in snow, today is not going to be one of those days. Instead I’ll stay inside and remember that warmer climes exist.

Fowey is a seaside town in Cornwall on the southern coast of the UK,  seen as a sunny vacation area for the British like Florida is for many in the US.   Continue reading Places: Fowey, Cornwall

Poem: September’s Apprehension

The dark is coming,
The smaller world of winter.
Drawn in around the limits of my sight,
Gathered close, shadows bind my paths.

Moving from boxed world to boxed world,
Work and train and home and back again,
Fleeting glimpses of the setting sun
Remind me of lost landscapes, hidden now.

To face the dark, go out beyond the visible
Takes much more trying, time and thought:
Layers of defense to mummify me, protect
In short days grown hostile to human frailty.

My mind draws inward, travelling alone
Down the pages of old friends, books lining my walls:
Imagination insulates from boredom and reproach
Against this all too natural annual return.

Bundled safe, beneath these covers
My world condensed, enlarged
I choose my bounds, escape the limits
Of light delineating life.