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Villainous Puppetry Part 3: Maleficent

After Snape & Voldie and Loki, it seemed time to introduce a few feminine wiles to the motely crew that hangs out on Kim’s couch. Another fabulous horned anti-hero seemed appropriate. The only question was whether to seek inspiration in Angelina Jolie or the original animated version. My sister was designated Chief Pinner and found many relevant Maleficent References. I ended up combining the Jolie horns with the animated profile. Collecting resources involved googling words I never thought I’d need, like “plushie breast pattern” and “plushie horn pattern”- Safe Filter ON! Continue reading Villainous Puppetry Part 3: Maleficent


Villainous Puppetry, Part 2: Loki, Prince of Asgard

This one began with a link (/broad hint) for this felt plushie but I figured for the future King of Midgard I could do more. Also, Kim’s Pintrest made researching the costume details quite delightful: All that Hiddles is Gold.

Unlike Snape and Voldie, Puppet Loki did not have a pre-existing set of adventures on YouTube. But now that he exists in the world, you can follow his continuing adventures online. Here are his public channels:

Continue reading Villainous Puppetry, Part 2: Loki, Prince of Asgard

Villainous Puppetry, Part 1: Mustache Buddies

The Greeks and Romans ascribed great powers to the muses but somehow never got around to naming a muse of puppetry and internet fanart. So I’ll just nominate my friend Kimberly K.

This system is working for me, anyway. It doesn’t hurt that we normally spend at least 40 hours a week together and watch/talk about all the same geeky stuff. And she drops some pretty broad hints, like “I would love it if someone made me those Snape and Voldemort puppets from Potter Puppet Pals.” Continue reading Villainous Puppetry, Part 1: Mustache Buddies

Poem: Imagined Battlefield

Each block a foolish fortress, secured by moats
Black ice a glossy menace, boiling oil,
Spilled carelessly before the parapets
Of deep carved snowdrifts, dirty walls.

The streets are easy salted fields
Yet risk exposure to far-off foes.
I spy for drawbridge driveways
Left open by exposéd drains.

Heels, sharp grappling hooks, hoist me across
Hard frozen dents of crenellated tracks.
Each safehold mastered, overrun,
Crusade abandoned, I’m safe at home.