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Sister, Sister

The first time I heard my sister’s voice, I remember feeling like a failure. It wasn’t really my fault – my parents lied to me and my brothers. They said that if we would just keep it down, we wouldn’t teach the new baby to cry so much. Then when they called to say I had a sister I could hear her crying. Obviously something went wrong.

Then I met her. That was also a bit of a disappointment, too, but only because she turned out to be a baby. I was seven and I wanted a sister to play with. Continue reading Sister, Sister


Cinderella – Aschenputtel – Popelka

While wandering through the Art Institute of Chicago, I happened upon a beautiful new acquisition in one hallway and spent a happy twenty minutes or so staring at it before I started taking photos to let me enjoy more details later. I’d like to share it with you, along with some of the source material.

Eugen Napoleon Neureuther's Cinderella, 1848

Retold fairy tales are one of my favorite genres of literature – I enjoy seeing the familiar core storylines and basic archetypes reinvented through new author’s imaginations, interpreting motivations and backstories that are usually left out of the original tales.

While new versions often introduce narrative elements that suit our modern tastes, they usually also leave out details that are disturbing to us. If you’ve only met Cinderella through Disney and other modern incarnations, you’ll be surprised to see the very different ending of the story below. Continue reading Cinderella – Aschenputtel – Popelka